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8 Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

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Apr 18, 2023

8 Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a settlement process implementing its fundamental principles, which is an alternative to traditional courtroom divorce.

In a collaborative divorce, the divorcing parties commit to engaging in voluntary, non-adversarial, open and honest, and flexible problem-solving negotiations to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

There are several benefits of collaborative divorce, which we outline below so you can see if this type of divorce is right for you.

High Level of Confidentiality

Collaborative divorce team meetings comprised of you, your spouse, attorneys and other chosen professionals are conducted outside a public courtroom. Therefore, they offer more privacy than litigation, protecting sensitive information and maintaining confidentiality as the discussions and negotiations occur in a more confidential and private setting.

Control and Autonomy

Collaborative divorce gives both parties more control and autonomy over the resolution process, unlike litigation, where a judge makes the final decision. In addition, in a collaborative divorce, the parties are actively involved in negotiations and decision-making, which can lead to more customized and creative solutions that meet their individual needs and interests.

Cooperation and Communication

Promoting open and constructive communication between the parties and their attorneys is a fundamental principle in collaborative divorce. It encourages respectful and cooperative problem-solving rather than adversarial or confrontational approaches, improving relationships, reducing conflict, and minimizing emotional distress, especially when children are involved.


Compared to traditional litigation, collaborative divorce can be much more cost-effective. Although each case differs, collaborative divorce can save on legal fees and court costs by avoiding lengthy court battles, multiple hearings, and trials.

Faster Resolution

Litigation can be lengthy and time-consuming. At the collaborative divorce team meeting, all parties work together to find mutually acceptable solutions. This can make the process more efficient, resulting in a faster resolution.

Flexibility and Creativity

Collaborative divorce allows for more flexibility and creativity in finding solutions for both parties. It encourages brainstorming and exploring various options to reach a resolution that meets the interests and needs of both parties and any children involved, which may not be possible in a litigated divorce.

Focus on a Healthier Long-term Relationship After Divorce

Preserving relationships, especially when children are involved, is important. Fostering cooperative communication and problem-solving with a collaborative divorce can help maintain a more amicable relationship between the parties after the divorce. This can be beneficial for co-parenting and future interactions.

Schedule a Personal Divorce Consultation to See if the Benefits of Collaborative Divorce Work For You

It’s important to note that collaborative divorce may not be suitable for every situation. Therefore, seeking legal advice from an attorney specializing in divorce is highly advisable to determine the best approach for your circumstances.

The family law office of Dalena & Bosh comprises expert collaborative divorce attorneys that will allow you to generate creative solutions that may meet both your and your spouse’s best interests and the needs of the children. So let’s discuss how we can maximize the value of your collaborative divorce team meeting and your chances of a successful divorce. Contact us today.

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