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Ending a Relationship with a Passive-Aggressive Partner

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Apr 6, 2022

Ending a Relationship with a Passive-Aggressive Partner

Ending a Relationship with a Passive-Aggressive Partner

Did you know that 630,000 marriages end each year? If you have a passive-aggressive partner, your relationship can be stressful and frustrating. But, ending a relationship with a passive-aggressive partner can bring even more anxiety.

In this article, we’ll look at how passive aggression manifests, its impact on divorce proceedings, and what you can do about it. Let’s begin!

How Passive Aggression Manifests in a Relationship

Passive-aggressive behavior is a general pattern of indirectly expressing negative feelings instead of openly doing so. Therefore, it is difficult to identify and manage a relationship with a passive-aggressive person.

Often, passive-aggressive behavior manifests in the following ways:

  • Sulking
  • Giving cold silence
  • Procrastination
  • Feigned forgetfulness

Partners may withdraw emotionally or give the silent treatment to indicate their displeasure. Passive-aggressive behavior undermines intimacy and trust. If left unchecked, it can lead to increased conflict and resentment.

The Impact of Passive Aggression in a Divorce

Passive aggressiveness can manifest in many ways during a divorce. For example, one spouse may refuse to sign the divorce papers. They might deliberately miss deadlines or fail to communicate effectively.

This can make the process more difficult and stressful for both parties. Passive aggressiveness can also appear as a refusal to cooperate.

This behavior may prolong the divorce process. If you’re dealing with a passive-aggressive spouse, remain calm and patient. Try to communicate directly and avoid getting into arguments. If necessary, seek out professional help to deal with this challenging situation.

Best Practices for Divorcing a Passive-Aggressive Partner

“One size fits all” solutions do not exist in divorce. Each couple is unique. The best way to handle the divorce process will vary depending on the situation.

However, there are some general best practices to follow when dealing with a passive-aggressive partner. First and foremost, maintain open and honest communication.

Passive-aggressive partners tend to communicate indirectly. That said, try to keep the lines of communication open to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Set boundaries and stick to them. Passive-aggressive partners often try to control or manipulate their partners through indirect means. For example, they will often try to stretch boundaries and deadlines.

Passive-Aggressive Tactics to Watch Out For

The passive-aggressive partner may also try to manipulate or control the situation by making various demands or threats. They may threaten to withhold support unless their demands are met.

The passive-aggressive partner may withhold important information about finances or parenting to gain an advantage in the divorce. In addition, they may try to undermine their partner at every turn. Tactics might include sabotaging communication or refusing to cooperate.

Ending a Relationship with a Passive-Aggressive Partner Is Not Easy

Ultimately, the goal of a passive-aggressive person is to control and manipulate. They will do so in every situation to get what they want. Divorce can put these traits on full display.

If you are ending a relationship with a passive-aggressive partner, know their playbook ahead of time. Then, avoid playing into it as much as you can.

Dalena & Bosch has many years of experience dealing with various personalities in a divorce case. If you require help managing these challenges, give us a call or message us today.

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