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Martindale Hubbell

I endorse this lawyer. We opposed each other on a divorce case. We were both lawyer number 2 for our clients. Ms. Bosch worked hard and was dedicated to honesty in her representation. When her client refused to return her calls and act in the required standard of good faith Jessica to her credit called her on it. I applaud her diligence and honesty. Jessica is also knowledgeable and conveys a no nonsense economical legal style. While Jessica was lawyer number 2 for her client, I considered Jesscia dedicated to her clients case and cause. I ended up having to successfully contest the matter with lawyers 3, 4, and 5 to my own clients satisfaction against an unreasonable and dishonest spouse who also refused to voluntarily pay her lawyers, I was and am nonetheless very impressed with Ms. Bosch's performance. I look forward to amicably resolving future matters with Ms . Bosch should the opportunity arise. You can feel confident she will give you an honest view of your case. Review

I hired Jessica about 4 days before my divorce trial was about to begin. Jessica did an excellent job preparing to finalize my divorce. She actually knew more details than the other attorney and avoided going to trial. I would highly recommend Jessica as an attorney, if I need services in the future I would definitely call Jessica. Review

It was very difficult to make a decision on which attorney to best represent my case especially I had a bad experience with one in the past. I was cautious and careful, so I decided to meet with numerous lawyers before making my final choice. When I met Jessica A. Bosch, I was convinced that she was the one! {newline}Jessica is very knowledgeable in her field. She is always prompt in returning my phone calls and responds to e-mail timely. She made sure to keep me updated on the status of my case. Jessica knows the system very well. She is assertive, trustworthy and reliable. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone looking for an excellent lawyer! Review

Over the past 8+ years, I have been learning and living the challenges of Family Law in Morris County, NJ. I have been in the Court Room more than 10x and have paid for the services of at least 8 Morris County Lawyers. There is absolutely no question that in my experience, Ms. Jessica A. Bosch is the best person with whom I have ever worked. Frankly, she is the only one of these lawyers who understands the hard economic reality of managing a Divorce situation. Simply the best.

Google Review

Jessica is very knowledgeable about the divorce process from aspects related to how it impacts the family and how she could help me achieve what I wanted. I was in a situation where I was not allowed to see my son alone without my ex spouse being present. Jessica made sure that legally we were able to achieve something that was a drastic improvement in my time with him. On the financial side, Jessica was very careful and meticulous in making sure that the financial impact would be as minimal as possible (i was the primary earner so it was about minimizing the damage).. She was also wary of the cost of litigation and tried to minimize unnecessary expenses. When it came to face to face negotiations, she was sharp, tough and practical. She made sure that I didn't do anything during the process and trip myself up. It was a very emotional time and she made sure to keep me informed as to what I should expect and a realistic timeline for a conclusion to the process. As my subject line states, she definitely is competent and professional. Review

Jessica is a solid attorney with remarkable skill and tact. When thrown head first into a complex DV trial against a well known and seasoned criminal attorney, she kept her cool and came out on top. Her success was the only ever decision in the deciding Judge's career in favor of the defendant with fees sanctioned against the plaintiff. I would recommend her to anyone needing a good lawyer in family law.

Insider Pages Review

Elizabeth A. Dalena is one of the rare lawyers who are compassionate problem solvers. And when it comes to her specialty, the practice of collaborative family law, she is the best of breed. Elizabeth took the time to explain the collaborative process's pros and cons. I was then able to make an educated decision, requesting from my wife that we proceed in this method rather than the traditional adversarial litigation method of divorce. Unfortunately my wife choose not to proceed using collaboration - so we both loose. But I was fortunate to learn and explore this option, and Elizabeth is my top pick for collaborative law. Review

Elizabeth Dalena is an excellent lawyer--very knowledgeable about the law, patient, considerate, excellent staff.

Yellow Pages Review

Elizabeth A. Dalena was my attorney for a very painful divorce. My ex-husband and I had worked through much of the divorce agreement with a mediator. However, there were issues that called for legal representation and review. Ms. Dalena was personable, compassionate, yet empowering. I found her to be very honest, fair and very reasonable with her fees. Her quiet confidence inspired the same in me. She made sure that I considered my rights and needs in the divorce settlement. As angry and hurt as I felt at the time, she never made derogatory references about my ex, nor suggested taking advantage of him in any way. During a horrible phase of my life, she made herself available to me, and she somehow made me stand a little taller and begin to feel hope for my new life. She is the epitome of a highly ethical, informed and supremely competent attorney. I would recommend her to anyone.

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