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Top Divorce Lawyers in New Jersey

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Jul 6, 2022

Top Divorce Lawyers in New Jersey

Divorce Lawyers in New Jersey: Dalena & Bosch Family Law

Each year, divorce lawyers in New Jersey field more than 25,000 cases. In each case, you have two people pushing for a more significant share of everything from custody to finances.

A reliable attorney with specialized experience is often the difference between the winners and losers. In this article, we talk about the benefits of specialization and where to turn for your best chance of success.


Benefits of Divorce Lawyers Specializing in Family Law

The divorce lawyers Dalena & Bosch specialize in family law and know the ins and outs of the process. In addition, the volume of cases they deal with gives them a leg up on other attorneys regarding managing expectations and navigating the process.

They understand the emotional impact and will do everything possible to make the legal process go smoothly for you. This helps to manage emotions along the way.

Furthermore, they have a network of resources, including counselors, financial advisors, and other professionals to whom they can refer you. This can help you care for your needs outside of the legal process.

Finally, they’re familiar with local laws and courts. If you go to court, this can significantly affect how your case is adjudicated.


What to Expect from Your New Jersey Divorce Lawyers?

When you first meet Dalena & Bosch, they will discuss the marriage and reasons for wanting to end it. You’ll discuss relevant custody and support arrangements if children are involved.

You’ll get a realistic idea of what to expect from that point. They will also let you know the next steps in the New Jersey family law process.

You can expect Dalena & Bosch to be open and honest about your chances of success and what to expect from the other side. You can also expect them to be zealous advocates for your rights and interests.


Find Local Family Lawyers That Care

Dalena & Bosch care about their clients. They want what’s best for you and do whatever they can to help. They will work to settle your case out of court if possible, saving you money and time.

However, they understand that that isn’t always what’s best for your case. In those situations, their familiarity and determination in working within the laws and courts of New Jersey will give you the best chance at success.


How Good Divorce Lawyers Look

Dalena & Bosch are Elizabeth Dalena and Jessica Bosch. Combined, these aggressive litigators have more than a half-century of experience handling complex litigation matters. They are committed to providing personalized attention to each of their clients.

The firm represents clients in various practice areas, but their hearts and passions are with families. This, along with their depth of legal experience, allows the firm to provide clients with the highest level of representation possible. Dalena & Bosch: The Best Divorce Lawyers in New Jersey.


Dalena & Bosch: The Best Divorce Lawyers in New Jersey

Dalena & Bosch are, quite simply, the best divorce lawyers in New Jersey. Their peace through strength approach allows each client to see the light at the end of the tunnel and forge a path toward a new horizon.

They’re ready to do the same for you. If you have a pending family law matter and don’t know where to begin or what to expect, they’re here to help. Contact Dalena & Bosch today for a free consultation and start the process.

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Elizabeth Dalena helped me through a very difficult divorce and I felt working with her was like working with a friend you can trust! Beth, thank you for your professionalism and helping me through this difficult time.
Michael Mastrogiacomo - March 2020
If you’ve been searching for an honest and empathetic attorney...someone you can trust while you navigate the difficult and emotional world of family law, then do yourself a favor and contact Beth Dalena & Jessica Bosch. You’ll be so glad you did.
Par 5 Consulting - March 2020
When you are in the painful and often frightening process of divorce, the women of this law firm bring you confidence and security with their knowledge and professionalism. They exhibit that rare combination of the willingness to hold your hand like a compassionate friend and defend you like a piranha in the courtroom when necessary. They exhibit dedication, and the grace and wisdom of their long term experience. They look…
Cindy Morhouse - February 2020
These ladies have helped me several times in my experience with them. Jessica was my divorce attorney and I can say without hesitation, she was professionally and personally a gift to me. She handled my case (adversarial at best) with grace and knowledge. A fighter when necessary. She handled me in my personal state as a friend. Compassionate and kind. Beth assisted me with rewriting my deed after my divorce…
Scarlett O - January 2020
I chose Jessica A. Bosch to represent me because she was compassionate and knowledgeable. My divorce was a long and difficult journey. During this time, I lost sight of what was really important. Jessica kept me grounded and focused on what would be best for me after the divorce. I am grateful for her help in protecting two very important financial things that I might have given up. I didn't…
Cynthia R - December 2019