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Your Best Guide to Dating Over 50

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Sep 7, 2022

Your Best Guide to Dating Over 50

How Do I Start Dating Again at 50?


Are you over 50, recently separated or divorced, and wonder, “am I too old to date? Don’t listen to those who say women past 50 are. The savvy advice in this article is a must-read for women who are “suddenly single” and considering dating over 50.

You are now in that place, in your 50s, have ended a rocky relationship and are now alone; dating again is likely scary. You find yourself lonely and want to find a new someone to share your life with. However, you know the qualities in a person that you do not want in another relationship. Do you know what you want, and are you even seeking a new companion and forever love? If you are considering dating, know that dating generally has not changed, but a few things have since your past dating experiences. 

For example, in the 80s online dating was not even heard of. However, it may seem strange, but in 1987 there was an actual 80’s version of Tinder called “video dating.  This was a clip uploaded by Found Footage Festival to VHS tapes where a man would sit in front of a vibrant background, film himself and send it off to women. Some of these videos can still be found on YouTube and Vimeo today.

In the past contemporary society may have dubbed women over 50 as too old to date. Dating over 50? What did they know? Today all women are learning to thrive and make the most of their lives.

As for dating in general, the concept has not changed. We go on dates to find that extra special someone we want to spend the rest of our lives with; “till death do us part!”

So now let us discuss what’s new and has been growing leaps and bounds since 1995 when the first dating site,, was launched.


Online Dating


Online dating is a platform for singles with over 323 million users. It is estimated that there are over 8,000 competitive online dating sites. Online dating is not an immediate quick fix; however, approximately 14% of online daters get married.

Now that you are in your 50s, single and attempting to try online dating, be prepared to take time to weed out undesirables while staying safe. Spammers love to prey on women over 50. We have even heard that some men want money for personal information; block them immediately.

To initiate the online dating scene, browse the “over 50 dating sites” until you find the one that seems right for you. Below we list five, but many others may suit you.


Dating Sites


  • eharmony
  • OkCupid
  • SilverSingles


Once you find the right one and sign up, don’t limit your prospects. Talk to men who interest you and set up coffee dates when you feel comfortable. If your energy does not resonate with his, eliminate him as a possibility. For instance, you may sense something is “off” about this guy. Don’t ignore intuition and decide to give him a chance. Just break it off gently.

If you find your searches are not getting anywhere, perhaps it’s time to quit admiring the wrapping and look inside the package. Maybe your type is a tall, slim, suit-wearing CEO. Why not consider the (gorgeous) plumber in jeans and a tee shirt? He might make you laugh and introduce you to riding behind him on his motorcycle. Here’s the nitty-gritty – there aren’t as many available men in your age bracket as in your 20s.

In addition, there are more women in this demographic than men; therefore, it may be harder for a woman to find the right man than for a man to find the perfect woman. So remember, as you enter the next phase of your life as a single woman, there is someone out there waiting to connect, but you must give yourself time.


Like Him Before You Entertain Love


Congratulations! You aren’t just sitting at home waiting for love. You are dating over 50 and looking to make it happen. And yes, now you have connected with someone who seems promising. It may be tempting to rush into an entire relationship, especially if he appears receptive and wonderful.

You have been through a challenging past relationship, one where you may have jumped in too quickly and look at the results. A romantic connection centers on chemistry and physical attributes. Give it time to get to know each other to let the connection develop. Take time to learn about their likes, dislikes, and core values. Once you know that they are the one in your heart, you can start exploring a deeper relationship.


In Conclusion, Dating Over 50


As they say, the new 50 is the 30 of yesterday, so dating over 50 can be an electrifying adventure. Remember, men of all ages gravitate to women with self-confidence. Tell yourself you are entitled to a loving, healthy relationship until you believe it. Then, you will attract the type of man you want in your life.

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