Italian Property Law

Whether you are looking to buy a property in Italy or are seeking legal advice regarding Italian Real Estate, Dalena & Bosch, LLC can assist you.

Dalena & Bosch LLC is a law firm specializing in advising property owners or people who have inherited property in Italy who would like to liquidate that property or liquidate their holdings. Our colleagues in Italy are bilingual and can assist in the various steps in converting Italian property into cash for distribution for your family’s use. Our lawyers have extensive experience in and knowledge of Italian real estate. So if you are contemplating selling a villa in Sardinia or a farmhouse in Tuscany, Dalena & Bosch LLC can facilitate your plans by providing legal expertise on all aspects of residential property law across Italy. Dalena & Bosch, LLC works in collaboration with Studio Legale Maccallini in order to help an heir to property in Italy, sell or transfer property they own abroad, as they see fit.